Cactus Joe Oven Baked Fries Hot Fries

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Cactus Joe Oven Baked Fries Hot Fries

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Taste test: These fries had an appearance very similar to Andy Capp's fries, though without a bright red color, as these were more of a dull orange, less bright than shown on the bag.

I crunched in to find that Cactus Joe's version had an even lighter feel than Andy Capp's, with an excellent crispness, for maybe the best texture of any bagged fries we've tried. The lightness and crispness really stood out, plus these didn't stick to the teeth nearly as much as Andy Capp's. The taste wasn't particularly hot on the first bite, as it was sort of a smoky taste. The heat kicked in for the aftertaste for a moderately hot flavor, pretty good, though not a standout. If he could combine this texture with a more impressive flavor, Cactus Joe would really have something here.

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Smell test: Not much, just a mild, nondescript smell.

From the package: “Cactus Joe™ Hot Fries may not be the hottest thing on the planet (stay focused here, we're talking about food) but their zesty flavor and satisfying crunch can add a little spice to even the blandest of lives. Don't worry, we talked to our experts and they said the odds of spontaneous human combustion are next to nil, since it's not even a proven phenomenon.” ... “Corn & potato snacks”

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Company: Medallion Foods, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Save-A-Lot Food Stores. Review published .

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