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Cabo Chips Spicy Chipotle

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Cabo Chips Spicy Chipotle

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Taste test: These triangular tortilla chips were sort of a brownish/orangish beige in color, with some darker spots.

They were cut fairly thin but had a very solid crunch, and at first I found the flavor to be surprisingly mild in terms of heat, considering the Spicy Chipotle label. It started out as sort of a spiced lime, but the Spicy Chipotle did show up for the aftertaste, with a nice kick of heat. Still not an overwhelming heat, but a tasty one that was good for consuming with beverages. The heat was enough that you could easily enjoy these without a salsa or dip, and our snackers did enjoy eating them.

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Smell test: Hard to describe, but definitely not the usual tortilla chips smell. Maybe it's the soy sauce.

From the package: “With soy and lime” ... “How Can So Much Taste Be Crammed into a Single Bag of Spicy Chipotle Cabo Chips? The secret of how Spicy Chipotle Cabo Chips® get their invigorating and mouth-watering taste might surprise you. The legendary story began over twenty years ago, in a somewhat unconventional manner. Inspired by the warm sun, glistening ocean and white, sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas, three brother were determined to create the perfect tasting tortilla chip by bringing the authentic flavors of Cabo into your home. ... ”

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Company: Cabo Foods, S.A. DE C.V.

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