Burger King Onion Rings
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Burger King Onion Rings

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Taste test: I was expecting this snack to be just another Funyuns clone with Burger King branding, but it turned out to be quite different.

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These onion rings didn't look like Funyuns; they had a brownish fried batter color, and the rings were fairly thick. The marketing copy on the bag said that these simulated onion rings taste better than real onion rings, but I was skeptical. After biting in and then trying to remember how Burger King's onion rings actually taste, I was convinced that these were actually better than Burger King's onion rings, though not as good as some other restaurants' onion rings. These rings were extremely flavorful. They felt moist in the mouth, and they had a sweet, very mildly oniony taste that was quite delicious. They weren't hot or crisp like fresh onion rings, but the taste and texture were really quite good.

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Smell test: Very mild fried onion smell.

From the package: “Have it your way™” ... “What's better than a batch of fresh, hot onion rings? BK® crispy Onion Ring flavored snacks. These small puffed snacks are packed with a zesty onion flavor and deep crunch. You'll be wanting more!”

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Company: Utz

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Museum of Science, Boston. Review published .

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