Brentwood Peanut Flips

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Brentwood Peanut Flips

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Taste test: These snacks looked like cheese puffs, except smaller, with sort of a bright beige color.

We crunched in to find that they delivered on the promised peanut taste, as they had a mild crunch and tasted like peanut butter. It wasn't quite as intense as, say, dipping a cheese curl into peanut butter (good luck doing that without breaking the curl!) but there was a surprisingly strong peanut butter taste, and the taste kept getting stronger as I ate more and more Flips, which was had to avoid doing. Most of our tasters liked these, but it wasn't unanimous as one self-professed peanut lover said she didn't love these (which ran contrary to a claim on the bag).

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Smell test: Smells like peanut butter.

From the package: “Made with 32% peanuts” ... “Product of Germany” ... “If you love peanuts, you will love Brentwood Peanut Flips. Brentwood combines peanuts, sunflower oil and non genetically engineered corn to create Peanut Flips, the crunchy snack that fills your mouth with the taste of creamy peanut butter.” ... “Brentwood Peanut Flips is an exciting new snack sensation that is raved about throughout Europe and now available in the US. Brentwood Peanut Flips are not fried like other snacks but are produced by combining pressure with hot hair cooking to create a unique and light peanut experience.”

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Company: Acme Import Co.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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