Bravos Tortilla Chips Sweet & Spicy
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Bravos Tortilla Chips Sweet & Spicy

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Taste test: This new flavor from Bravos had the same bright orange color that any respectable nacho cheese tortilla chip would have, except of course that these weren't supposed to be that flavor at all.

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So Wise may have blown it on using color to help distinguish this flavor, but they didn't go wrong on taste, as this was a much different flavor than any other tortilla chips we've tried. It started out as kind of an Asian-style sweet sauce, then shifted over into a kick of heat in the aftertaste. The heat grew stronger with each succeeding chip. The mix of sweet and heat made it hard to stop eating these, as the antidote to the growing heat was to eat another chip, but in the end that just added more heat, so it was kind of a vicious cycle. Bravo to the folks at Wise for this one!

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Smell test: Mostly sweet and just slightly tangy, kind of like a duck sauce. Definitely different than any other tortilla chips we've tried.

From the package: “Sweet & Spicy bliss! You aren't an average Joe (or Joan). You're on the edge! No one flavor will do for you my friend ... you like it sweet and you like it spicy ... all at the same time! For those who prefer a more complex flavor fusion to keep things interesting, we offer you Bravos Sweet & Spicy Tortilla Chips. So take a risk, give it a try, and feel free to share with the rest of your adventuresome crew.”

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Company: Wise Foods Inc.

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