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Billy Goat Potato Chips

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Billy Goat Potato Chips

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Taste test: This unusual paper bag contained 16 awesome ounces of some of the best potato chips we've ever eaten. The thinly cut chips had the dry feel of Russet potatoes, with an outstanding crispness and excellent crunch. The chips had a dark golden color and in most cases an oblong shape.

What really stood out was how fresh they tasted and felt. Our tasters were unanimous in raving about the taste, and more than a few people said these were the best potato chips they've ever eaten — as they grabbed multiple handfuls and quickly crunched their way through the bag. The chips reminded me a bit of the excellent Spudmaster ColossalChips, though these were definitely smaller and also less greasy than Spudmaster's chips. Both kinds took the rare step of adding seasonings without promoting them as flavored chips. In this case, you had to read the ingredients on the back to see that in addition to the requisite salt, they added onion, garlic, other unspecified spices and sugar, but in terms of taste, those things were all fairly subtle, helping to bring out the potato flavor while not overwhelming it.

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Smell test: Really nice intense fried potato smell. Great!

From the package: “With the same legendary stubbornness of the Billy Goat, we have a commitment to craft a hand selected, sliced, seasoned and packaged potato chip of only the highest quality for the uncompromising consumer ... Enjoy the dedication.” ... “Ingredients: Russet Potatoes, Canola Oil, Salt, Onion, Garlic, Spices, Sugar”

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Company: The Billy Goat Chip Company

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