Yoki Batata Palha Premium Extra Fina
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Yoki Batata Palha Premium Extra Fina

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Taste test: After eating Yoki's non-Extra Fina version of these potato sticks and finding them to be the thinnest ones we've eaten, we were eager to try these to see just how much thinner they could possibly be.

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They were indeed thinner. How thin? Reallllly thin. The sticks had a fairly uniform light yellow color, with some browning on a minority of pieces, and dark ends on some. They were quite crisp but had a very soft crunch by nature of being so thin. And they were very tasty, with lots of nice lightly salted potato flavor. The very thin cut gave them lots of exposed surface per unit of potato volume, and that helped to bring out lots of potato taste. But they were so thin that it was not easy to pick them up. It helped a bit to spill them onto a plate and eat them with a spoon, but even then, the thinness made it hard to pick them up.

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Smell test: Good potato sticks smell.

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Company: Yoki Alimentos S.A. (Brazil)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Seabra Supermarket, formerly Mundial Market, formerly Gol! Supermarket, formerly Supermercado Brasileiro, Somerville, Mass. Review published .

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