AriZona Combo Tray Nachos 'n' Cheese Dip

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AriZona Combo Tray Nachos 'n' Cheese Dip

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Taste test: This package had a tray with two compartments beneath a foil cover — a large one holding smallish, round tortilla chips, and a smaller, round one with a light orange, congealed-looking cheese dip. It was easy to peel off the part of the cover atop the chips, but it became much more difficult to peel off above the dip.

The chips looked like typical round tortilla chips, with rough surfaces, somewhat wiggly shapes and some folded-over pieces. The package recommended warming up the dip, but before doing that, I tried a few chips in the room-temperature dip. I thought the taste was pretty good, and the chips worked well for dipping and tasted good themselves. After 30 seconds in the microwave, I tried the dip again, and I was surprised to find that it did not taste any better hot. It might have tasted slightly worse, but not much worse. There was more than enough dip for me to dip every single chip and not run out.

When I first spotted this package, it rang a bell as resembling a similar product sold under the Blue Luna brand. But when I checked the label, I saw it was from a different company (the one that makes the AriZona beverages), so I bought it anyway. But when I picked up the last few chips out of the tray, it revealed that there was a Blue Luna logo on the bottom!

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Smell test: Good corn tortilla smell from the chips.

From the package: “Nacho cheese dip with tortilla chips” ... “Peel off cover place in microwave approx. 30 seconds” ... “Contains milk”

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Company: AriZona USA LLC

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