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Tedeschi Select Premium Cheese Puffs

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Tedeschi Select Premium Cheese Puffs

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Taste test: This bag was filled just over halfway with thick cheese puffs that had a fairly bright orange color. Most of the pieces were fairly long and had a gentle curvature. I don't usually expect amazing things from store-brand these puffs (just really good things) but Tedeschi really worked hard to hype these up (see "From the Bag").

I crunched in to find a light crunch and a fairly dense feel. On the first bite, it seemed like the texture might be remotely styrofoam-like, but in the end the puff did melt away in the mouth quite nicely. There wasn't a ton of cheese, but there was enough, and the cheese was very tasty.

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Smell test: Can smell some corn meal, but not really much in the way of cheese,

From the package: “Naturally Flavored Snack” ... “When you gotta have a snack and you want a cheese snack, it can't be just any cheese snack. You want a cheese snack that will satisfy the craving in your soul. A cheese snack that will silence the voice inside you that's chanting 'feed me'. So before that voice gets any louder… quick… open up a bag of Tedeschi Select Cheese Puffs and quiet the beast in you.”

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Company: Tedeschi Food Shops

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