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photo of Mr. Topper's Cheez Balls Hot 'n Spicy
Mr. Topper's Cheez Balls Hot 'n Spicy

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Mr. Topper's Cheez Balls Hot 'n Spicy

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Taste test: These cheese balls were smallish and roundish, but not quite round, with shapes generally more like short tubes with rounded ends. Unlike some hot cheese puffs that bring some red or green into the color mix, these were all bright orange.

We crunched in to find a soft, crisp, light texture with a middling level of cheese. There was no heat at all initially, but a mild hot kick did emerge after we ate a few pieces in a row. The spice grew hotter after eating even more, but it never got super-hot. The mix of cheese and heat, along with the small size, made it hard to avoid eating lots of pieces in rapid succession. Not quite the top tier of hot cheese balls, as some that we've tried were even more flavorful, but still very good.

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Smell test: Not really cheesy.

From the package: “Enjoy a crunch snack!” ... “Real Cheez!”

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Company: Gingerbread Investments Ltd. (Trinidad and Tobago)

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