Herr's Buffalo Blue Cheese Flavored Cheese Curls

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Herr's Buffalo Blue Cheese Flavored Cheese Curls

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Taste test: From their appearance, these cheese puffs didn't look any different from your typical fluorescent orange-colored cheese puffs, as the shape and color were just the same.

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So I crunched right on in and found that the curls were crisp but soft, with a slight spice in the initial taste, lots of blue cheese right after that, then by the time the aftertaste arrived. It really did taste like a Buffalo wing dipped in blue cheese, and it was a better blue cheese taste than any snack we've tried. Not a super-hot hot wing, but still a tasty one. It's rare to find specially flavored cheese curls, and equally rare to find snacks that taste like blue cheese, so Herr's did a great job with this one!

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Smell test: Wow, really smells like blue cheese. Not hot sauce, though.

From the package: “Change is Good: Everyone knows that cheese curls are cheddar. But at Herr's®, we're breaking the rules to bring you a new snack sensation: Buffalo Blue Cheese Flavored Curls. We combined classic hot wing sauce with tangy blue cheese to create the perfect balance of spicy goodness. You're going to love this change.”

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Walgreen's. Review published .

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