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Cumberland Farms Diner Side Snacks Mac & Cheese Bites

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Cumberland Farms Diner Side Snacks Mac & Cheese Bites

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Taste test: These snacks looked like cheese puffs, except shorter and stubbier, measuring about an inch long and 3/8 wide, with a slighlt curvature on most pieces, with a light yellow color. All in all, they really didn't look like mac & cheese; Wise used to make a version of Cheez Doodles that went much farther in duplicating the shape of macaroni.

I crunched in to find a dense feel as cheese puffs go, with a crunch louder than most similar-looking puffs. The cheese flavor did remind me of Mac & cheese a bit, but it could have used a whole lot more flavor, as the cheese level was really pretty low.

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Smell test: Not much of a cheese smell.

From the package: “Seasoned with tangy cheddar cheese flavor these crispy, golden baked bites are perfect for snacking anytime!”

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Company: Cumberland Farms, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Cumberland Farms at the Cleghorn rotary, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Review published .

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