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photo of Corntoz Cheez Ringz
Corntoz Cheez Ringz

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Corntoz Cheez Ringz

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Taste test: This might have been the first snack we've ever reviewed (out of more than 6000) with a three-word name that had all three words ending in the letter Z. We're just going to assume this to be true, because Taquitos.net's research department was out of the office buying snacks when we wanted to ask them.

We opened the bag to find that it contained very bright orange rings (much brighter than the almost-yellow ones pictured on the bag), averaging about an inch in diameter, with a large hole in the middle of each one. We crunched in to find a light crunch and good crispness, with an unusual-for-cheese-puffs, but quite nice, tangy and sweet cheese flavor. Very tasty.

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Smell test: Strong cheddar smell.

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Company: Mamee-Double Decker (Malaysia)

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