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Chester's Puffcorn Flamin' Hot

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Chester's Puffcorn Flamin' Hot

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Taste test: These corn puffs had sort of a popcorn-like shape (except bigger than any actual popcorn kernels) and were mostly covered with a seriously red seasoning powder.

I crunched in to find that some of the pieces were fairly crisp while others were a bit mushy, though all seemed to have plenty of flavor on them. The red stuff was somewhat hot and fairly tasty, but I think the Flamin' Hot label was a bit generous in this case, as there was some heat but not a particularly intense one. Having said that, I still liked these enough to eat the whole bag in one sitting, and the heat did build up a bit more when I did that.

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Smell test: Sort of buttery or cheddary. Not hot.

From the package: “Watch out! (There's a fire in this bag.) These snacks are hot — Flamin' Hot®. Do you dare? Get ready for a sizzle of flavor that will set your mouth on fire. Dive into a red hot blaze of fiery crunch with Chester's® brand Flamin' Hot® Puffed Corn Snacks."

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Company: Frito-Lay

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