Cheetos Flavor Shots Cheddar Jalapeño Asteroids
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Cheetos Flavor Shots Cheddar Jalapeño Asteroids

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Taste test: After considerable hype surrounding the Flamin' Hot Asteroids Flavor Shots (and then months of searching just to find a bag to review), this jalapeño variation managed to fly under the radar. I hadn't heard a peep about it when I spotted this bag in the snack aisle.

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Considering the incredibly great taste of Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno, I figured that this should be the same taste with a different shape. I anticipated some major deliciousness.

I opened the narrow bag to find small pieces that had a light coating of bright orange seasoning, plus a smattering of green bits. The bag didn't say "enlarged to show texture" as many bags do, but it should have — the real Asteroids were so much smaller than the pictured piece. Most pieces were quite a ways from spherical, shaped kind of like mini-mini tater tots.

I poured a bunch of Asteroids into my hand and popped them into my mouth to find that they were every bit as good as expected. They weren't as hot as the Flamin' Hot ones, but they were still hot, and they were way, way tastier. The mix of cheese and jalapeño peppers was super-addictive. I ate the whole bag in very short order. Soooo good!

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Smell test: Pretty intense spicy cheese smell.

From the package: “No a significant source of added sugars.” ... “1 serving per container” ... “Serving size 1 package” ... “Calories per serving 200” ... “Made with real cheese”

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Company: Frito-Lay

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