Rice Krispies Treats Crackle Snaps Fudge Drizzle
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Rice Krispies Treats Crackle Snaps Fudge Drizzle

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Taste test: Perhaps hoping to capitalize on both the awesomeness of Rice Krispies Treats and the popularity of Popchips, the folks at Kellogg's (specially, longtime employees Snap, Crackle and Pop) have brought us these new disc-shaped snacks.

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The pieces looked like a smaller-diameter version of Popchips, with round shapes and wiggly surfaces, plus a drizzle of chocolate on one side, and they felt and tasted pretty good. However, there was no resemblance to Rice Krispies Treats. The didn't taste like them: The soft, sweet marshmallow that holds the homemade treats together seemed to be missing. As for texture: They seemed to be made from some sort of dough made from crisped rice, rather than individual grains, plus they lacked the chewy marshmallow feel. There was a good crispness and soft crunch, but none of the chewiness that characterizes a good Rice Krispies treat. And thanks to the lack of individual rice pieces, it wasn't like these were Rice Krispies treats in a disc shape — the surfaces looked nothing like Rice Krispies treats.

Based on the way they branded these, we expected some resemblance to Rice Krispies treats — taste, texture, appearance, anything. But really, there was nothing.

This wasn't the first time that we saw Kelloggs sell a snack under the Rice Kripies Treats brand when it really was in no way anything like Rice Krispies treats. A few years back we reviewed a party mix called Crunch Mix that claimed to include "Rice Krispies Treats® clusters." They turned out to be sweet, crunchy things that unfortunately didn't taste or feel anything like Rice Krispies treats.

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Smell test: Just a slight chocolate smell.

From the package: “puffed rice snacks”

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Company: Kellogg's

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at The Loading Dock, Belmont, Massachusetts. Review published .

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