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Yoo-hoo Candy Bar

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Yoo-hoo Candy Bar

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Taste test: This was perhaps the largest candy bar that I've ever bought, weighing a full pound. But the main factor pushing me to buy it was the fact that the flavor was supposed to be based on Yoo-hoo, which isn't chocolate milk (a beverage category that constitutes roughly half of my diet) but is still some sort of chocolate beverage.

The bar had a 7x3 grid of large, very thick square sections. I broke off a section to find that it had an OK chocolate taste, with maybe with a hint of Yoo-hoo-ness to it, but mostly it tasted like most of the other chocolate that R.M. Palmer makes, many of which you may know as Christmas and Easter candies. Just one of the 21 sections was probably the largest single section of chocolate bar that we've ever found, so eating one was quite filling.

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Smell test: Not much, but remotely like Yoohoo, suppose.

From the package: “YOO-HOO is a trademark of Mott's LLP, used by R.M. Palmer Company under license.” ... “Palmer® Making Candy Fun®”

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Company: R.M. Palmer Company

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Christmas Tree Shops. Review published .

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