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Taste test: This chocolate bar had just four large sections, with a portrait of a woman (presumably Danusia herself) atop each section and barely any depth to the divider between sections. Despite the minimal perforation, the sections did break off cleanly. From the broken-off cross-section, I could see that the interior was some sort of filling with a slightly lighter shade of brown than the outside. The wrapper described the inside as a "chocolate-peanut filling" and that could mean lots of things.

It didn't seem to contain any whole or crushed peanuts, so I figured some sort of peanut butter, but it didn't taste much like it. It had a creamy feel but was very sweet and only minimally peanut buttery if at all. Since the outside was already dark chocolate, it seems odd they they didn't use just peanuts for the filling, rather than mixing it with chocolate. Anyway, the taste was OK when I had it with milk, but this wasn't a bar that I'd buy again.

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Smell test: Good dark chocolate smell.

From the package: “Klasyczna deserowa czekoladka nadziewana” ... “Chocolate bar with chocolate-peanut filling (45%). Contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter.”

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Company: Wawel SA (Poland)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Baltic Deli & Cafe, Boston. Review published .

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