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Unreal41 Candy Covered Chocolates Unjunked

Unreal41 Candy Covered Chocolates Unjunked

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Taste test: This knockoff of M&M's came in a color assortment similar to M&M's, with yellow, orange, red, blue, brown and green.

But when I poured them onto a plate, they sure didn't resemble M&M's — and not just for the lack of an "M" on each piece. Each color was very different than the corresponding M&M's color. The orange and yellow were less bright, and the green and blue were much less bright. The red was darker, and the brown ones were nearly black. I poured a bunch into my hand and popped them into my mouth to find that they tasted quite good. As with the other Unreal products, they didn't exactly remind me of the corresponding popular brand-name candy, but they weren't necessarily any worse, just different. I've had some other knockoff M&M's that were clearly inferior, but these were on par with M&M's with their own take on milk chocolate.

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Smell test: Good chocolate smell. Could easily be mistaken for M&M's.

From the package: “Unjunked.™ Unreal.™ No artificials No hydrogenateds No corn syrups No preservatives No GMOs”

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Company: Unreal Brands, Inc.

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