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Ülker Laviva

Ülker Laviva

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Taste test: This chocolate bar had a very unusual look, and it might have been the most elegant-looking candy bar we've ever seen. The long bar had gentle curves, with a thin middle, bulbous ends and a curved stripe running the length of the bar. It didn't look like any other candy bar I've seen, but it did look a lot like my TiVo remote control.

I bit in to find that there were three kinds of chocolate at play: a milk chocolate exterior, the bottom of the interior filled with a soft, crunchy chocolate cookie material, and the top of the interior a darker chocolate that tasted like fudge (described on the label as "Bitter Chocolate Cream"). That was a whole lot of chocolate, with a mix of tastes and textures, and it was quite good.

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Smell test: Good chocolate cookie smell.

From the package: “Made in Turkey” ... “Milk Chocolate with Cocoa Biscuit and Bitter Chocolate Cream Filling”

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Company: Ulker Cikolata Sanayi A.S. (Turkey)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Makkah Market, Revere, Massachusetts. Review published .

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