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Ülker Çokonat

Ülker Çokonat

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Taste test: Based on the name, no knowledge of the Turkish language and the fact that I didn't notice the hazelnuts pictured on the wrapper, I assumed that this was some sort of coconut bar. Got that wrong!

The bar was fairly long and had a thick milk chocolate coating on the outside, with a bit of a bumpy texture. It felt heavy as wafer bars go when I held it in the wrapper, and this was confirmed when I crunched in, as it felt dense in the mouth. The interior had three wafer layers surrounding two hazelnut layers, and the taste was quite rich and fairly sweet, with lots of chocolate and hazelnut. I didn't have any cold milk on hand when I tried this (just chocolate milk), but I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I had some. (Eating this with chocolate milk would probably have been overdoing it.)

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Smell test: Good chocolate and hazelnuts smell.

From the package: “Milk Chocolate Coated Chocobar With Hazelnuts and Wafer”

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Company: Ulker Cikolata Sanayi A.S. (Turkey)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Makkah Market, Revere, Massachusetts. Review published .

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