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Trader Joe's 100 Calorie Milk Chocolate Bars

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Trader Joe's 100 Calorie Milk Chocolate Bars

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Taste test: This box contained five individually wrapped chocolate bars, each about an inch wide and a bit under 5 inches long.

In terms of volume of chocolate, that puts each bar at about half the size of a regular Hershey's bar. Each single-section bar had a large Trader Joe's logo embossed over most of the length of the bar. The taste was quite good, as the milk chocolate taste was excellent, creamy and quite fulfilling. As a light dessert following a very stuffing meal of Chinese food, one of these bars was quite satisfying.

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Smell test: Very nice creamy milk chocolate smell.

From the package: “Smooth and creamy belgian chocolate” ... “Our 100 calorie milk chocolate bars are perfectly proportioned to satisfy your calorie controlled chocolate craving. For the ultimate experience, snap off a piece and let it melt in your mouth to experience the super smooth and milk chocolaty flavor.”

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Company: Trader Joe's

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