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Trader Joe's Belgian Flaked Truffles

Trader Joe's Belgian Flaked Truffles

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Taste test: This box contained 16 truffles, split between dark chocolate and milk chocolate pieces. The two kinds looked quite similar, but a close examination revealed a somewhat darker color on the relevant pieces.

While I'm on the topic of how they looked: They looked terrible. For what seemed like a luxury chocolate item, these truffles had some of the worst presentation that I've ever seen in a snack. They just looked like lumps of whatever. Sizes varied a bit, but there was just nothing attractive about the appearance of any of them. I'm surprised that these passed whatever process that Trader Joe's uses in picking products to sell.

Despite all of that, they tasted pretty good. Each one had flakes of chocolate on the outside and a soft truffle interior. They were bigger than I would expect from this type of product. But they looked so bad that it might almost be embarrassing to serve these at a party.

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Smell test: Good chocolate smell.

From the package: “We prefer not to trifle when it comes to truffles. Indeed, Trader Joe's Belgian Flaked Truffles are serious confections deserving of serious consideration. Each piece has a creamy rich filling. Some truffles and right there. Here, that's just the beginning. Each piece is rolled in delicate, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flakes”

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