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Trader Joe's Uncured Bacon Ganache Bar

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Trader Joe's Uncured Bacon Ganache Bar

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Taste test: This large bar was fairly thin and had a 2x4 grid of large sections, with flat, smooth tops that had no markings. I bit in to find that each section consisted dark chocolate with a liquidy filling cavity that was just about the same color as the solid parts.

The taste was pretty good, with a nice mix of dark chocolate and sort of a sweet, caramel-like taste with a bit of smokiness to it. It didn't taste a lot like bacon (which was disappointing) but there might have been a small essence of bacon in there. It seemed like I could feel an occasional tiny bit of bacon (or something slightly chewy) while eating, but it felt like those pieces dissolved or disappeared quickly after, which was weird. Definitely unusual chocolate bar, but worth a try.

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Smell test: Good dark chocolate and caramel smell. Maybe a hint of bacon.

From the package: “A Rich Combination of Dark Chocolate Ganache, Pieces of Uncured Bacon, and A Hint of Smoked Salt.”

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Company: Trader Joe's

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This snack was discovered by Nick Flattes at Trader Joe's. Review published .

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