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photo of Toxic Waste Brand Sour Smog Balls
Snack Review

Toxic Waste Brand Sour Smog Balls

Toxic Waste Brand Sour Smog Balls

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Taste test: This box contained a bag filed with colorful, ball-shaped candies, and the back of the box had one of the most detail backstories of any candy we've seen. There were six flavors: Lime, Cherry Strawberry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry and Grape. The actual balls had much less of the textured color than the ones pictured on the box, and they weren't quite as bright. The purple Grape ones were almost gray.

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Initially upon sucking on each piece, the candies were fairly hard, so biting in seemed like a risk of breaking a tooth. They tasted pretty good, and although the flavors weren't quite typical of candies of those fruits, they were or kind recognizable and pretty good. After a few minutes of sucking on the sweet surfaces, the pieces softened up enough that it was very easy to bite in. But when I did — SOUR! So sour that I didn't like them much at all. But probably that's the whole point. I shared some with Taquitos.net's 3-year-old gummy addict Tommy, and he loved them.

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Smell test: Somewhat sweet, somewhat sour fruity smell.

From the package: “Dr. Igor Smogg is a wealthy industrialist who made his fortune in heavy manufacturing. But his methods are wasteful and produce lots of toxic by-products, which he disposes of in environmentally irresponsible ways. His latest scheme is to pump massive amounts of toxic smog into the atmosphere from the smokestacks of his factory. Once airborn [sic], the pollution will condense into particles of solid waste and rain down upon the unsuspecting countryside. Fortunately, Professor Sauernoggin is on the case! Sauernoggin has dedicated his life to find ways to transform toxic waste into good and useful products. One blast from his roof-top 'Smog-o-Matic' ray gun and the cloud will rain down delicious sour candy balls ... an outcome Dr. Smogg is less than pleased about!” ... “Made in Pakistan”

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Company: Candy Dynamics, A Division of Circle Marketing and Distributing, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Dollar Tree. Review published December 2015.

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