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TimeOut Wafer

TimeOut Wafer

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Taste test: When I tried the TimeOut bar, I didn't like it that much, so of course I had to try this wafer version of it, just to see if it would be better.

This bar was smallish, with an all-milk-chocolate exterior. The interior had four wafers surrounding three creme layers. It wasn't a standout by any means, but it was a perfectly good wafer bar, with lots of chocolate, a light feel and a good taste. So that put it a good step ahead of the original TimeOut.

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Smell test: Very nice chocolate smell.

From the package: “111 calories per bar” ... “Mondelez Ireland”

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Company: Mondelez

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Kiki's Kwik-Mart, Brighton, Massachusetts. Review published .

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