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Snickers Trees

Snickers Trees

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Taste test: This wrapper contained two (sort of) tree-shaped versions of the Snickers bar, with an overall shape that was not particularly tree-like but a raised area on top that did loosely resemble a Christmas tree. They were both fairly substantial, with a combined weight of 2.83 ounces according to the wrapper.

I bit in to find that there were certainly similarities to Snickers, but that the differences did give the Trees a different flavor profile. The biggest change was the the milk chocolate exterior was quite a bit thicker than a Snickers bar, and perhaps a bit more solid, so the overall proportion of milk chocolate was higher. The interior was also missing the nougat of the Snickers bar, so the taste was just caramel, chocolate and peanuts. Still good.

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Smell test: A lot like regular Sniakers, dominated by the caramel.

From the package: “Milk chocolate with creamy caramel and peanuts”

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Company: Mars Chocolate North America LLC

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