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Snickers Wimpy? Fiery

Snickers Wimpy? Fiery

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Taste test: They've made many variations of the regular Snickers bar, with quite a variety of tastes, but promising some peppery heat marked a major departure from any of the previous ones.

I bit in to find a typical Snickers arrangement in the cross-section, with caramel and peanuts topping nougat, all coated in milk chocolate. On that very first bite, it seemed indistinguishable from a regular Snickers, with no sign of any Fiery heat. But given how hot peppers work in lots of snacks, I was patient, figuring that the heat might arrive with some delay. It did indeed arrive, delivering a moderate heat that provided quite a contrast to the rest of the bar. It wasn't killer hot, but still the heat was unmistakable. I liked it.

This could also be useful for playing a practical joke on someone!

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Smell test: Regular Snickers smell. Couldn't notice any hot peppers.

From the package: “Who are you when you're hungry? Wimpy? Fiery” ... “240 calories per pack” ... “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering.”

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Company: Mars Chocolate North America LLC

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