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Sky Bar Zombie Food

Sky Bar Zombie Food

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Taste test: This small candy bar immediately grabbed my attention when I spotted one near the cash register. Eating the same stuff that zombies eat? Count me in!

There were some odd things about how the bar was labeled and packaged. It was branded as Sky Bar, but other than being made by the same company, it really was nothing like a Sky Bar: different shape, just one type of filling, and even the filling wasn't the same as any of the four in a Sky Bar.

Also, the label was a bit confusing, as each wrapper promised "assortment of brains, feet, and hearts" but each one contained just one of those body parts. Those words would have made sense on a multi-pack of these (if such a thing exists) rather than the individual bars.

Thankfully, I made the decision (even before realizing the meaning of "assortment" here) to buy two of them, and I did manage to get two different shapes — one brain and one heart. The shapes were flat on the bottoms but otherwise fairly detailed and looked pretty good. I bit into the heart to find a soft, slightly dark red interior. It was sort of a caramel creme — not the gooey, liquidy feel of caramel at all, and not that much of a recognizable caramel taste either, but still pretty good. The brain had the same filling and was pretty much the same, other than the fact that I was eating a brain rather than a heart. Someday, maybe I'll get to eat a foot too.

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Smell test: Mild chocolate and caramel smell.

From the package: “Milk chocolate filled assortment of brains, feet, and hearts filled with oozy red caramel”

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Company: New England Confectionery Co. (NECCO)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Crosby's Marketplace, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. Review published .

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