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Reese's Stuffed with Pieces Pumpkins

Reese's Stuffed with Pieces Pumpkins

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Taste test: Reese's started stuffing Pieces into their PB cups a few years back, and since then, they've expanded the practice to lots of other specialty Reese's shapes. Now, it's the Reese's Pumpkin's turn.

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The picture on this wrapper seemed to suggest that in addition to the pumpkin shape, there would be gaps in the chocolate coating, like the facial cut-outs of a jack-o'-lantern, to reveal the peanut butter and Reese's Pieces in the interior. Or, at least, this was shown for one of the two pumpkins in the picture. However, upon unwrapping, I found that not only did both pumpkins have shapes that were less pumpkin-like than the one pictured (for which the original Pumpkins were notorious), but the facial cut-outs were nowhere to be seen on either one.

One might argue that Reese's was taking some artistic license with the packaging when they added the faces. However, in a legal environment where lots of wrappers state "product enlarged to show texture" or "serving suggestion," even when it's entirely obvious and seems unnecessary, there was no disclaimer of any kind here (though Reese's did as usual assert on the back of the wrapper their legal claim to the color orange).

As for the eating part, I found the Pumpkins' exterior to be fairly melty on the fingertips, and the overall feel to be quite soft. The taste was typical Reese's, with some occasional light crunch from the shells of the embedded Pieces. It's hard to turn down a Reese's of any kind in any situation, but this was again a badly executed pumpkin attempt by Reese's.

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Smell test: A little more to the chocolate end of things than the standard Reese's smell.

From the package: “King Size 2 Pumpkins” ... “Milk chocolate peanut butter” ... “160 calories per piece” ... “The orange color is a registered trademark.”

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Company: Hershey

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