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Peanut Butter Lust Bar

Peanut Butter Lust Bar

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Taste test: This short, squat, thick candy bar had a light milk chocolate color on the outside, with a nice smooth exterior.

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Based on the promise of peanut butter, I was expecting a soft interior, but when I bit in to the end of the bar, my teeth didn't really sink in, and the whole end sort of snapped off all at once. The profile view that this first bite revealed showed the inside to be mostly peanut butter, with one marshmallow-looking white spot. The peanut butter wasn't soft, as it was fairly solid, though not hard or crunchy. A further bite revealed a fairly large dark spot within the interior, presumably chocolate. There was also something crunchy on some of the bites, though I'm not sure whether it was the chocolate. The mix of tastes and textures was quite good. "Lust" was a good way to describe it!

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Smell test: Lots of chocolate and peanut butter, but mild and not too sweet. Great!

From the package: “Quality Since 1892” ... “Handmade with the finest ingredients in our country kitchen”

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Company: Eaton Farm Confectioners

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Town Wharf General Store, Mattapoisett. Review published .

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