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Pampa Sugar Wafers Chocolate

Pampa Sugar Wafers Chocolate

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Taste test: This brick of wafers had a lot to it — three layers of 9 pieces each, so 27 pieces was plenty to share around. Each one had two creme layers surrounded by three wafer layers, with fairly light colors as chocolate goes.

I bit in to find a fairly dense feel, as the soft creme seemed to occupy a large portion of each piece, with a chocolate flavor that was creamy but also a bit on the fruity side, so a bit unusual. OK, but because of the fruity sweetness, I'd highly recommend having some milk with it. (I had none on hand when I did this review, unless you count chocolate milk, which seemed redundant.)

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Smell test: Kind of a toasted chocolate smell. Reminded me of a chocolate Pop-Tart.

From the package: “Product of Colombia”

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Company: Transnational Foods, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Dollar Tree. Review published .

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