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Osem Chocolate Flavored Wafers

Osem Chocolate Flavored Wafers

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Taste test: This package of wafers from Israel broke a few of the rules that wafer packs generally follow, with a different shape and arrangement for the pieces within the brick of detachable wafers. The package was wider than your typical package (though less than twice as wide), and rather than have the pieces run the full width, they were each half the width. So each piece was fairly short, but it was also extra-wide, as there were just six wafers running the length of the package, rather than the usual 10 or 12. The result was a wide rectangular shape, rather than a more typical tall one. As with most wafer packs, there were two layers of wafers, so the math worked out to 2x6x2 = 24 pieces in all.

Each piece had two chocolate layers surrounded by three wafer layers, and they were quite good — a light crunch with lots of delicious creamy chocolate. Mmmm!

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Smell test: Nice strong chocolate smell.

From the package: “Gaufrettes” ... “Saveur de Chocolat”

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Company: Osem USA, Inc.

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