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Operation Fruit Flavored Snacks

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Taste test: One of the really great trends in snacking lately is the proliferation of themed fruit-flavored gummy snacks.

These delicious items combine the wholesomeness of being sort of remotely like fruit, the temptation of refined sugar and the brightness of artificial colors with the hilariousness of cartoons and other fun things. Before we discovered this one (based on what was known on 1980s TV as "The wacky doctor's game!") we had already tried other ones based on Finding Nemo, The Simpsons, Scooby-Doo and John Deere tractors. If you eat enough of these snacks, you can get all the fruit you need into your diet without ever visiting the produce aisle. The Operation gummy shapes were a teal blue Bird Brained, the red face of the Cavity Sam (the Operation patient), a green Frog in the Throat, an orange The Giggles smiley face, a dark purple Dog Tired and a Ringing In the Ear bell. The package said that the flavors were strawberry, orange, grape and cherry, but I couldn't taste a whole lot of difference among the different kinds — and the only kind of fruit listed in the ingredients was apple. Still, reasonably tasty as gummy snacks go.

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Smell test: Just a mild sugary fruit smell.

From the package: “Check out the fun!” ... “100% DV Vitamin C” ... “Can you finish the operation?”

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Company: Kellogg's

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