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Nestle Treasures Relax Caramel Truffle

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Nestle Treasures Relax Caramel Truffle

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Taste test: This large candy bar had 10 detachable sections in a 5x2 grid.

Each section had its own pocket of melty caramel inside, but one section had somehow been breached, with the caramel leaking out, drying up and sticking to the wrapper. The milk chocolate and caramel were excellent. However, the form of the bar might have been a bit suboptimal, as the sections didn't break apart easily along their natural lines, so it was easy to accidentally breach one of the caramel pockets, which could result in a sticky situation. The label said that it's two servings, but that would be two fairly large servings, so you might be able to stretch this one well beyond two servings.

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Smell test: Mild chocolate and caramel smell.

From the package: “Milk Chocolate with a Creamy Filling/Chocolate con Leche con Relleno Cremoso”

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Company: Nestle

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