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Nestle Crunch with Coconut

Nestle Crunch with Coconut

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Taste test: This version of the Nestle Crunch bar had three detachable sections, a much different setup than the regular Crunch, which is all just one section.

It was also thicker than the regular Crunch, though less wide. And, of course, it had coconut in addition to the usual chocolate and Rice Krispies. The taste was quite good, as it had a definite coconut flavor, but not so much of it as to completely overpower the the chocolate and crisped rice, so you got all the benefits of a Crunch bar, with an added plus of coconut for all of the coconut fans out there. The three-section setup was also a nice addition, as it made it much more convenient to break apart the bar to eat just a third of it a time.

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Smell test: Good milk chocolate smell, with maybe a little coconut.

From the package: “Milk chocolate with crisped rice & toasted coconut”

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Company: Nestle

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