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Nature Valley Backpacker Chewy Oatmeal Bites Chocolate Chip

Nature Valley Backpacker Chewy Oatmeal Bites Chocolate Chip

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Taste test: This box contained six large packets, and each one contained about 10 pieces, each about an inch square. They had generally a chocolate chip cookie color, plus a drizzle of wiggly chocolate on one side. But what were they? They weren't just differently shaped cookies, nor granola bars.

They didn't feel like chocolate chip cookies, as they were slightly gritty, but not in a bad way, and they didn't feel like oatmeal cookies or oat-based granola bars either. The picture on the box showed some chocolate chips inside the pieces, but I couldn't really see or taste any, as the chocolate that I could taste seemed to be coming from the drizzle. The taste was pretty good, as the proportion of chocolate to oatmeal or whatever it was seemed about right. The chocolate drizzle was a bit melty on the fingers, even indoors with air conditioning (so I'd expect more melt when out backpacking). Pretty good.

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Smell test: Smells mostly like a chocolate chip cookie, but maybe a hint of oats too.

From the package: “No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors” ... “6 35 gram pouches” ... “Save the yetis” ... “Snack attack” ... “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering”

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Company: General Mills

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