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Muji Strawberry Marshmallow

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Muji Strawberry Marshmallow

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Taste test: These marshmallows were midsized, quite a bit smaller than Muji's Chocolate Marshmallows and yet still way bigger than their mini Marshmallows. They didn't get the individual wrapping treatment of the big ones, but it didn't seem to be a problem, as they didn't stick together at all.

From the outside, the marshmallows were almost white but with a slight pinkish tint. When we bit in, we found that there was a pinkish, almost liquidy filling that was loaded with so much sweet strawberry flavor that it didn't matter that there was way more marshmallow by volume than there was filling. Good stuff!

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Smell test: Very nicer strawberry smell.

From the package: “Product of Japan”

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Company: Muji U.S.A. Ltd.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Muji Store, Newbury Street, Boston. Review published .

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