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Muddy Bears

Muddy Bears

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Taste test: This box contained milk chocolate-covered gummy bears.

I love milk chocolate, and I don't mind gummy bears, but this combination of the two did nothing for me. The bears had a thin chocolate coating on them, and underneath it was the usual gummy consistency that you would expect. Biting in felt weird, with a chocolate surface but the squishiness of gummy bears. I didn't taste a whole lot of chocolate, but whatever chocolate I could taste did not mix well with the gummy candy underneath. The taste was not horrible, but it was just not appealing in any way.

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Smell test: Kind of an icky mix of sugary fruit and chocolate. Not all that different than other jelly-filled candies.

From the package: “Milk Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears” ... “Your cravings cannot live on chocolate alone!”

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Company: Taste of Nature, Inc.

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