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Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel

Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel

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Taste test: This bar looked like an ordinary Milk Way from the outside, with the same shape, milk chocolate exterior and ripples on top. But it promised marshmallow, which is not part of the usual Milky Way formula.

I bit in and looked at the bar's profile to see that the interior was about 80% bright white marshmallow (on the bottom) topped by melty caramel. But oddly, it didn't taste all that much like marshmallow. The caramel and chocolate were strong enough relative to the marshmallow that it was dominated by them. Also, despite the prominence of the word Marshmallow on the wrapper, the description in smaller type said "Smooth Nougat" so it seems it wasn't a strict marshmallow that replaced the usual Milky Way nougat. That would have been fine if they hadn't advertised it so prominently as being a marshmallow bar, since the taste was still pretty good. But those expecting lots of marshmallow with probably be disappointed.

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Smell test: Good mix chocolate and marshmallow.

From the package: “Rich Chocolate • Chewy Caramel • Smooth Nougat” ... “Limited Edition” ... “Made in Canada”

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Company: Mars Chocolate North America LLC

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