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Meiji Yan Yan

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Meiji Yan Yan

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Taste test: This cup contained 13 oval-profile cookie sticks, plus a chocolate hazelnut sauce dipping pool.

All of the sticks were perfectly formed and unbroken. I first tried a bare stick without dipping it, and it was kind of plain at first, but as I ate more, it had some nice sweetness, kind of like a graham cracker. For the rest, I went with the dip, and it was thick and smooth with a good amount of hazelnut taste among the chocolate. The amount of dipping sauce seemed about right if you were to dip each stick just once, but the sticks were over three inches long, so I tended to dip, bite and then double-dip the rest, and there was not quite enough sauce to employ that strategy for all 13 sticks. The nice thing was that either strategy still allowed me to keep my fingers clean while enjoying the chocolate sauce. Nice snack, quite tasty.

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Smell test: Not really chocolatey.

From the package: “Creamy Choco-Hazelnut Dip Biscuit Snack” ... “Product of Singapore”

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Company: Meiji Seika Pte Ptd. (Singapore)

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