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Maltesers Teasers Bar

Maltesers Teasers Bar

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Taste test: This chocolate bar from the makers of Malteasers consisted of a 2x6 grid of bubble-shaped sections (with some smaller simulated bubbles along the edges of the big bubbles), with the interior promising to contain miniature bits of Maltesers embedded into the milk chocolate. The top of the bar was largely smooth-looking milk chocolate, while the bottom had the little Teasers showing through the otherwise flat surface.

The sections were easy to break apart (or just bite off) two at a time. The Teasers added a nice crunch, and the milk chocolate tasted good. But the overall taste was much different from the spherical Malteasers. The appearance was very nice, and the crunchy texture was also impressive, but the taste was not a real standout among chocolate bars.

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Smell test: Good milk chocolate smell.

From the package: “Crunchy little Maltesers® pieces floating in creamy milk chocolate” ... “Milk chocolate with honeycombed pieces (11%)”

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Company: Masterfoods UK (United Kingdom)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Lucky Shamrock, Quincy, Massachusetts. Review published .

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