M&M's Premiums Mint Chocolate

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M&M's Premiums Mint Chocolate

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Taste test: This fancy-priced version of M&M's certainly looked fancy, as they had a metallic, marble-like surface that mixed varying amounts of green and black for a very cool look. Each piece was just slightly bigger than a standard M&M.

They came in a fancy package too. I have no idea how to describe the overall shape of this cardboard box, but it had had two convex surfaces, two concave ones, and flat ones on top and bottom. It was enclosed in a seemingly superfluous cardboard slip case for some reason, and inside it there was a clear plastic bag holding the M&Ms.

The M&M's had a different feel upon biting in than standard M&M's, as the shiny metallic surface felt much softer than the standard candy shell. I tried biting into some pieces and sucking on others, and one thing I noticed when I sucked was that they dissolved in my mouth very quickly. The taste was good, above average as chocolate mints go, though not a huge standout like the Triple Chocolate version.

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Smell test: Good mint chocolate smell.

From the package: “sinfully good white chocolate mint wrapped in dark chocolate” ... “A previous, colorful outside and a rich, chocolate, flavorful inside proves that M&M's® Premiums are seriously good with being serious. Perfect for sharing and celebrating everyday with friends ... or keeping to yourself. Now you can bring a little colorful luxury wherever you go.”

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Company: Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Target. Review published .

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