M&M's Premiums Triple Chocolate
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M&M's Premiums Triple Chocolate

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Taste test: The first question upon encountering this oddly shaped cardboard box was how to open it. One of the concave sides sort of folded out after ripping some glue, revealing a clear plastic bag that held the M&M's. (I later discovered that if I had first slid the inner box out of its slip case, a pull tab near the top provided easy access to the interior.) The M&M's looked quite a bit different than conventional M&M's. They were bigger, and each piece did not have a uniform color, both rather a marble-like mix of colors, with sort of a metallic glow. The overall color of each piece was generally a dark purple, but the brightness and shade varied from one piece to the next.

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When I bit into my first piece, the feel was completely different than normal M&M's — the hard candy shell seemed to be missing, giving a much softer feel. The taste was great! The mix of different chocolates was delicious, clearly superior quality chocolate to regular M&M's (which I do like). I bit a piece in half to reveal the inside, and I found a dark chocolate outer layer, a white chocolate middle layer and a milk chocolate center. I tried sucking a piece to get the three layers in succession, and the sensation of the changing flavors was pretty cool.

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Smell test: Very nice. Initially, I got the regular M&M's smell, but after that I could definitely smell a mix of different chocolates.

From the package: “truly tempting layers of milk chocolate, white chocolate & dark chocolate” ... “A delightful chocolate gem with a colorful outside and a rich, scrumptious inside. When white chocolate, milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate mingle ... the fun starts here!”

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Company: Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC

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