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M&M's Triple Chocolate

M&M's Triple Chocolate

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Taste test: This large bag of M&M's was not the first triple-chocolate M&M's, as we reviewed one in the M&M's Premiums line back in 2009 that was also Triple Chocolate. Both kinds offered a dark chocolate layer surrounding a while chocolate layer surrounding a milk chocolate center, but this was a much different product than the Premiums, proving to be far less impressive.

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These M&M's were bigger than regular ones and came in red(ish), pink(ish) and purple(ish) colors. The flavors of the dark and white chocolate were harder to notice than with the Premiums, and trying to suck a piece to gradually work through the three kinds wasn't the delightful experience of the Premiums. The overall taste was closer to regular M&M's.

In terms of quality, there seemed to be an issue as well. Many of the pieces — far more than in your typical bag of M&M's — had a good-size chunk of their coatings broken off, and when we got to the bottom of the bag, there was a whole pile of these fragments, which typically included candy coating, dark chocolate and white. So whatever process produced this four-layered M&M (counting the candy coating as the fourth one) may not have given them quite the structural integrity that M&M's typically have.

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Smell test: Very nice chocolate smell, even better than regular M&M's.

From the package: “Partially produced with genetic engineering.”

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Company: Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC

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