photo of M&M's Milk Chocolate Bar with Minis
M&M's Milk Chocolate Bar with Minis

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M&M's Milk Chocolate Bar with Minis

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Taste test: I was a big fan of the M-Azing Bar, more for how it looked than how it tasted, and I've long lamented the fact that it got discontinued. So it was exciting to see that M&M's is giving candy bars another try.

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I unwrapped the bar to find that the visual effect that made M-Azing so amazing — the way the colorful M&M's showed through the milk chocolate — was there to a lesser degree, as there didn't seem to be a very high density of the mini M&M's. Offsetting that was the fact this bar was much bigger and had its own impressive design. It was based on a 8x4 section grid, with three of those eight columns joined together into triple-wide sections.

The regular-size sections had a raised round M&M's shape in the middle, while the triple-wide sections shared one of the M&M's mascot characters towering over all four of them. The regular sections were easy to break off into rows of four and then individual pieces, but the big M&M's character made it nearly impossible to cleanly break off the big sections.

The taste was pretty good, with a creamy milk chocolate flavor, plus some light crunch from the shells of the Mini M&M's inside, though there seemed to be a lot less of those than they could have reasonably fit. Nice design and good taste.

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Smell test: Good creamy milk chocolate smell.

From the package: “4 servings per pack” ... “M&M's® Minis candies in smooth milk chocolate. The best thing they've made since me.”

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Company: Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC

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