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photo of M&M's Chocolate Bar
Snack Review

M&M's Chocolate Bar

M&M's Chocolate Bar

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Taste test: Some years back, M&M's sold the M-Azing Bar in peanut butter and crunchy versions. Neither was much of a standout in terms of taste, but they both looked really nice, as the glow of the colored mini-M&M's inside a chocolate bar was visually stunning. So of course, they stopped selling those. We recently spotted this, which looked to be a revival of the same concept, though in this case they didn't promise peanut butter or crunches, just milk chocolate.

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Besides the name, one thing that changed in the intervening years was that they abandoned the foil-inside-paper wrapper for a single plastic wrapper (which has been a common change among candy bars). We unwrapped it to find that this bar didn't have quite the same design as the other ones, but it did have a distinctive look of its own. The top of the bar had a 4x2 grid, with the M&M's logo spanning the left four sections and an M&M's character mascot spanning the right four. Some of the colorful mini M&M's could be seen though the top, but less of them than we saw with those original two varieties, so the look was less M-Azing. The placement of the colorful M&M's varies from one bar to the next, so probably this particular bar just happened to have fewer M&M's pressed right against the surface. There was a very shallow perforation separating the sections, and it looked like it was far too shallow to help break things apart, and when we tried, we couldn't break it cleanly there. But then again, it was apparently deep enough that the bar came already broken in two, right along the center fault line. We bit in to find a pretty good milk chocolate taste, punctuated by the occasional Mini-M&M. Having milk chocolate M&M's embedded inside milk chocolate seems a bit redundant compared with the M-Amazing varieties that had a different taste or texture from the M&M's in the rest of the bar, but it was still a pretty good milk chocolate bar.

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Smell test: Mild milk chocolate smell.

From the package: “Chocolate Bars Are Better With m™”

Online store: Buy M&M's at Amazon #ad

Company: Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Target. Review published November 2013.

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