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Les Chocolats de Belgique Milk Choclate filled with Caramel

Les Chocolats de Belgique Milk Choclate filled with Caramel

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Taste test: This smallish, thick chocolate bar had six rectangular sections with a fine grid pattern atop each one and a deep divider in between sections. I broke of some sections and bit in to find that the chocolate had a fairly solid feel but was thin on the top and sides (thick on the bottom), so there was quite a lot of caramel filling. Surprisingly, the filling, though soft, had almost the same color as the chocolate.

The taste and texture were both different from the typical caramel-and-chocolate bar. The caramel filling was creamy and smooth, without the caramel chewiness. I liked the taste a lot, but it you expect it to be like a Caramello bar, you'll be disappointed, as it was a whole other take on caramel. Even better with cold milk!

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Smell test: Fairly mild chocolate and caramel smell.

From the package: “Product of Belgium”

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Company: Trader Joe's

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