Kookamunga Dippers Milk Chocolate Covered Red Licorice

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Kookamunga Dippers Milk Chocolate Covered Red Licorice

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Taste test: This resealable bag contained thick, stubby pieces of licorice fully coated in milk chocolate.

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The coating was so thorough that there was no external sign that the licorice was even red. I bit into my first piece and was surprised that I could barely taste any chocolate at all. Despite the presence of a generous chocolate coating, the red licorice taste dominated. As time went on, the licorice taste actually got even more intense, with even less chocolate to taste, maybe close to none. I did notice a nice hint of milk chocolate in the aftertaste. But I'm not sure the two tastes would go well together anyway. If you really like red licorice a lot, you might think these are pretty good, but it seemed a bit pointless to coat it in chocolate when we could barely taste it anyway.

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Smell test: Strong fruity licorice smell.

From the package: “Kookamunga Dippers Milk Chocolate Covered Red Licorice is made with the finest ingredients. Chewy Red Licorice gets dipped in real milk chocolate for a delightfully decadent combination. You'll be hooked!”

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Company: NutHeads Chocolate Factory (A KLN Family Brands Company)

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