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Kit Kat Caramel

Kit Kat Caramel

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Taste test: This version of the Kit Kat bar was kind of like the Big Kat or Kit Kat Chunky, in that it was like they took one of the four bars of a regular Kit Kat and made it huge. In this case, they also left an area inside the wafers and filled it with caramel.

Unfortunately, the amount of caramel was actually fairly minimal, as the chocolate walls on all sides surrounding the caramel cavity were fairly thick, while the actual amount of caramel inside didn't amount to all that much. The picture on the wrapper made it look like there would be a lot more caramel. I could taste the caramel, but the bar would have definitely been better if the good folks who make the Kit Kats had given us more of it.

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Smell test: Very nice chocolate and caramel smell. Great.

From the package: “Crisp Wafers in Milk Chocolate” ... “Naturally and artificially flavored”

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Company: Hershey

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